Georges Saadé Maison de Couture

Autumn-Winter 2017

The Dawn of Dames

In Autumn/Winter 2017, Georges Saadé meticulously weaves this delicate string of silk to enchant us with the couture collection "The Dawn of Dames”.

Embroidered with eloquent artistry onto the fabric, the collection is designed to accentuate femininity through the grace of nature. The cycle of metamorphosis is reflected in the subtle and intricate beading of Indonesian cocoons, Swarovski, and pink and gold leaves that epitomise glamour and opulence. Serotonin White fabric encapsulates the purity and marvel of class; Callas Gold redefines the magnitude of divinity and finesse; Solace Blue and Sakura Pink emulate the gleaming cosmos and embody the tranquil yet outspoken nature of powerful women.
From a cocoon jacket to a butterfly dress, each piece is designed to reflect the sequence of transformation; the miraculous natural production of silk.