Georges Saadé Maison de Couture

Bridal 19

The Bride of Florence

Georges Saadé explores the heritage of the European Renaissance, a very special era in the history of art valuable for its cosmopolitanism and its cultural exchanges.
Scottish queens, French royal court, Dutch painters and Italian artists stimulate the flicker of ideas and the flow of genius.
The sumptuous decorations of the Florentine palaces are transformed into handcrafted embroidery of pearls, crystals and silk thread.
The whiteness of the marbles burst forth in voluptuous silk draperies, while puffed sleeves and pleats of silk muslin reveal the expressive hands of young ladies in love.
Hair raised, exaggerated corsets and long trains accentuate their sculptural waists.
Traditional details are elegantly jostled by an unexpected mandarin collar, a heart-shaped bustier and the chic of a bridal coat.
Georges Saadé’s first bridal collection offers a fantasy, a journey and the audacity of an ideal wedding.